Hello all! Thank you for stopping by my blog! My name is Emily and I’m a recently new foster mamma! I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Justin, for almost 8 years. I’m so blessed to have a wonderful, Christian husband who loves and supports me through all my crazy ideas! We have 2 dogs, Napoleon & Frosty, who were our “babies” for many years. Until recently, as we’ve had some REAL babies come through our home! I think the doggies are a little jealous, but they’re adjusting!


This is us nearly 8 years ago on 3-8-2008! We were just kids (18 & 19)!! 

We just recently opened our home to foster children & currently have 2 beautiful baby girls. Fostering was certainly not my first choice, but the Lord kept leading us this way, so here we are! I’m so excited that we decided to say “Yes” to the call, because fostering has already been such a blessing to us. Yes, there’s many tears and sleepless nights, but God has been with us every step of the way! I wouldn’t change our story for anything! God is an excellent Author!

I felt for a while that the Lord was leading me to start a blog. I really want this to be a place to provide support, encouragement and prayers for anyone who may be going through the same process we are. I remember months ago, when I was struggling with some infertility issues, I would look online trying to find other women that had gone through the same things and I just couldn’t seem to find any! I, oftentimes, felt alone in the process. Thank the Lord, He provided me comfort and strength during those times as I leaned heavily upon Him.

All in all, God is so good and I really just want to share that with everyone. Thanks again for stopping by!


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