Letter to the Lost One


In a world filled with hate and anger, where Christians are becoming increasingly more the “enemy”, where wrong is right and right is wrong, in that world- our world- God’s light can shine the brightest. This letter is for those who feel rejected, neglected, unloved, abused, and confused. This is for the agnostic, atheist, and unbeliever. This is for those who have been put down, glared at, or ignored by a “Christian”. This letter is for you.


Dear Lost One,

     First of all, I want to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I have ever made you feel unloved, uncared for or less than enough. Please know that it was never intentional. Christians are not perfect. Yes, we serve a perfect God and it is my personal goal to be as much like Him as I can be on this earth. But, I make mistakes. I get caught up in my own life and sometimes forget about the lost world around me. So, I’m sorry if you ever needed God’s love and I didn’t show it to you.

     Second of all, I want you to please listen closely when I say, You are so loved. Whether you believe in God or not, no matter what you’ve been told or taught, no matter what is in your past. You. Are. Loved. Unconditionally. Irrevocably. So much that a Man died for you.

     There is so much negativity that surrounds Christianity. There are people out there that claim to be Christians, but don’t act like it to the lost world. Yes, there are hypocrites in churches and they need God just as much as the rest of us. I’m sorry that this confuses you, because, yes, it is confusing. While God has placed Christians in the world to be a light for Him, we are not meant to be placed on a pedestal or looked upon for salvation. Like I said before, we make mistakes because we are human. We will disappoint you, but Jesus never will. You can only look to God for your salvation. Only in God can you find what your soul is longing for. Only your Creator can satisfy the emptiness in your life. So, please, look to Him. 

     If you doubt God’s existence, there’s probably not a lot that I can say to change your mind. I could tell you all the “scientific facts” and try to argue the Bible with you. But, I could never convince you to believe in God if your heart isn’t ready to believe. All I can tell you is what God has personally done in my life. God saved me when I was fourteen years old. Not because my parents told me I needed to be saved.  But, because I saw in my own life how much I needed a Savior. I could see that my life was heading for destruction; a road that I didn’t want to go down. God rescued me from the mess that my life could’ve been. That was over 10 years ago and I need God more now than I did then. If my parents, my pastor, my husband, and all the Christians in my life that I serve the Lord with decided today that they didn’t want to have anything to do with God, I would still live for Him. That’s how much I need Him and can’t imagine a life without Him. I tell you all of this in hopes that you will realize that thing you are looking for to fill the void in your life is God. You can try to fill it with things in this world, you can try to push God away, but He will still be there, offering you His love. Only He can fill that emptiness. So, please, let Him.

    I could list you the benefits there are of serving the Lord, because there are so many. But, I don’t think this post could hold all of them. Just know, when you give your life to God, He will bless you more than you could ever imagine. Life will not be easy. It will not be perfect. You will still have difficult times. But, at least you will have God there to help you.

There’s an old hymn, written by Will Thompson, that says,

    “Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling; calling for you and for me. See on the portals He’s waiting and watching, watching for you and for me. Come home. Come home. You who are weary, come home. Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling. Calling, O sinner, come home.”

      Those words so perfectly describe the sweet and precious love of God. He’s not waiting to beat you over the head and remind you of every mistake. He’s waiting to lovingly welcome you and remove all of the burdens that have been weighing you down.

     I’ve thought so many times, if you don’t choose God, then you are choosing death. If you committed a crime and were offered the choice between life or death, who would choose death? But that’s what you’re doing if you are choosing not to serve God- you are choosing the death penalty. So, please, chrecite-i5v171oose life today. 

     I’ve said all I know to say. So, I’m closing this letter with a reminder: You are loved. I love you. I don’t hate you. I’m not against you. You’re soul means so much to me, because it’s so precious to God. Most importantly, God loves you. Whether you like it or not, He died for you. Whether you believe it or not, He longs for a relationship with you. He doesn’t care what you are now. He just sees what you can be in Him.

     To the one who is confused, God is the answer. To the one who doesn’t believe, what do you have to lose?  To the one who feels unloved, You. Are. So. Loved. 

In God’s love,



About Emily B.

Jesus lovin' foster mamma to 2 precious girls with my knight in shining armor by my side every step of the way. I love writing, cooking, playing the piano, spending time with family and being a wife and mother. I wouldn't change one thing about our story! God is good!

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